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This is where it all starts – Saturday Club originated some years ago from an idea by a couple of club members wanting to engage their children in  fun way, it has grown over the years into an important club facility for our younger members. The idea is to develop basic sailing skills along with learning about water safety and gaining confidence. This is not an RYA course, these are available seperatly and aim to bring children through the RYA stages.

3rd generation starting sailing, at Saturday Club

Saturday club is run by volunteers and open to members, the volunteers generally  have participating children, there is beach master, coordinator and Oppie & Topper leaders, we expect parents to help out in any way they can with rigging, carrying, driving safety boats and coaching. This is not  a child minding service, parents must stay down at the club with their children.  Saturday Club offers a safe and fun way to introduce youngsters into our sport. Generally the ages range from 5 – 12. The Club and use of boats is only available to club members, there is a limit on available boats so on busy days children have to share, but that can be an advantage as the more experienced can mentor the less experienced. Skill is not age dependant and often younger children share experience and knowledge with older ones, and of course many participants make friends at the club (including parents).

A father takes two children out

This year Saturday Club starts 13th May 2017 and runs throughout the summer months. The club provides a mixture of boat orientated games and adventures to give the youngsters confidence on the water. They then progress to more structured sailing with an element of competitiveness introduced.
The club has a fleet of Optimists and Toppers useable for the club and Junior training (not available at other times). There is currently no charge for this facility but parents are requested to be proactive in maintaining the fleet.


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