The club has one of the largest and most active Raceboard fleets in the country, reflected in two of our windsurfers on National Youth Squad.

Windsurfing fleet racing carries on throughout the year. There are two sail sizes 7.5m to 9.5m can be used, with separate results to count. A well attended Open meeting runs in June

Ian Pilkington on his Raceboard

Ian Pilkington on his Raceboard

We have Raceboards available for anyone wanting to have a go at sailing round a course.

You just need to bring along your rig. Help and advice always on hand



About the class

The great thing about the Raceboard class, is that literally anyone can compete and have an awesome time, there are no age limits, and whether you’re at the front, back or middle of the fleet, there will always be a few private battles out on the racecourse!
For those of you who don’t know, a Raceboard is basically a racing longboard, 380cm long, 65-70cm wide, with a big daggerboard and a mast track that allows the mast foot position to be adjusted whilst sailing.

With all that length, they have an amazing gliding sensation, and move onto the plane really smoothly. With the daggerboard down, they go upwind like a train and once they start ‘railing up’ (the daggerboard gives vertical lift, lifting the windward rail from the water), upwind windsurfing becomes the best thing ever, really exhilarating, and all this in 5-12 knots. When it gets windy, they’re just fun to blast around on, and their long length and relatively narrow with makes them super controllable, even with big sails they stay flat and take no notice of chop: they have a huge wind range.

Windsurf open 2014

Windsurf open 2014

So if your fed up with waiting for the wind come and try a Raceboard.

There are many windsurfers who casual sail, (including those that race) generally when its windy, and on shorter boards. Due to wind conditions you will see many gathered on the corner, but they are a friendly bunch, and always ready to give advice (unless they have just arrived and are desperate to go out!!). There is  also a Speed Ladder and trophy for the fastest over the year.

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A short board windsurfer enjoying the wind

RYA windsurfing courses are available, see the Training pages.

Some old windsurf photos some at Holme Pierrepont

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