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We warmly welcome new members to NCSC. We provide the details of the current membership categories that we offer at the Club along with the current rates. Please do review our FAQ about our memberships as well as our other supporting pages located under What do we offer and How to Become a Member

Our fees are based on an annual membership as the Club is open from January throughout the year with some limited water access as part of our Lease, the restrictions can be found here

Our application form requires a signature to confirm your agreement to abide by the Club rules and your membership commitment.  This includes insurance for any craft that is housed at the Club or is accessing the water. It is a condition of membership that all users of the water have adequate third-party insurance. The minimum cover should be £2,000,000, though we advise a greater cover. Photographs: We do take photographs of members and users on the premises, these are essentially for publicity. You can indicate on your application form if you don’t wish photos to be used for these purposes.

If you are happy to proceed then please send your completed form to membership@ncsc.org.uk

NCSC Membership types and fees – 2021 

Fee (£)   
FAMILY – including spouse/partner and all children (children under 18 on Jan 1st 2021 or in full-time education)  280  
Single Sailor * 232  
Senior Sailor (age 70 or over on Jan 1st 2021)*  131  
 Junior/social with a parent member as social (this membership is for all juniors where parents will be present at the club, can use the facilities but not sail themselves) 126  
Additional family junior sailors @ £20 for junior     
Junior (who is 18 or under on Jan 1st 2020) and is of a an age not to require  parent membership but will require loco parentis to be declared/identified  64  
Student/Young adult (age 19-30 on Jan 1st 2021 or in full-time education) 114  
Social 64  
Senior Social (age 65 or over on Jan 1st 2021) * 31  
* Includes spouse/ partner as social member     

Boat Berth fees (per boat)

Standard dinghy 44  
Trailer  44  
Junior boat (i.e. a boat predominantly helmed by a sailor aged < 19 on Jan 1st 2021) 22  
Hard standing use (e.g. Wayfarer, Flying Fifteen)  54  
Sailboard storage  (Container) 33  
Press to download pdf, this can be filled in and photographed or scanned and sent.

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Sun setting on the balcony after racing - a hidden gem is how some describe the club
Sun setting on the balcony after racing – a hidden gem is how some describe the club
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